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Teletrac, MeLeod Software Extend Partnership

Posted: December 17, 2015

GARDEN GROVE, CA – A telematics provider and a trucking software company have extended their partnership into a new realm.

By connecting the Teletrac Fleet Director Hours of Service (HOS) platform with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster, which manages transportation dispatching and accounting, fleet managers can quickly review drivers’ HOS statuses and create U.S.-compliant loads assignments, according to an announcement.

The move follows that electronic HOS recording devices, known mainly as electronic logging devices (ELD), to be mandated for most U.S. interstate truckers in late 2017, but some fleets are in the process of adopting the technology ahead of schedule while others already have it in place.

The Teletrac-McLeod HOS partnership connects two key software features fleet managers use on a daily basis. The first is the HOS manager portal, where dispatchers can view HOS driver log summaries sent from vehicles’ in-cab displays. The second is individual HOS statuses, which users can now cross-reference with job delivery times. Together, these features facilitate a more efficient, compliant fleet, according to the two companies.

“This partnership helps businesses run a tight ship, generating larger profits while keeping their drivers in compliance,” said Marco Encinas, marketing and product management of global platform at Teletrac. “A federally-compliant fleet is able to understand how to run its business to best serve customers.”


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