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Tenneco introduces new gas-charged shocks

Posted: January 30, 2018

The Monroe Magnum.

Tenneco is introducing a new line of gas-charged shock absorbers to the commercial vehicle market on April 1.

The all-black Monroe Magnum shock absorbers are covered by a 90-day risk-free ride offer as well as other technical support. Features include a large-diameter nitrocarburized rod that promises better compression control and side-load strength; a PTFE-coated rod guide bearing to minimize friction between the rod and rod guide; a robust hydraulic lockout design to prevent over extension; and a large-diameter piston to offer precise tuning for each application. Where applicable, a shouldered bushing design will help to prevent bushing extrusion.

The pressure tubes on the new designs are twice as thick as those found on many competing models, the company says, noting how this can help to reduce damage in extreme conditions.


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