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Terminal tractor fifth wheel

Posted: March 1, 2017

SAF-Holland is introducing a new enhanced fifth wheel designed for terminal tractors — an application that couples more times in an hour than a linehaul tractor might complete in a month.

The FW35TT includes a twin lock that keeps kingpins from bouncing out, an issue that is seen as a leading cause of coupling delays of failures. The twin lock jaws are also secured with easy-to-remove pins and can be replaced in less than 15 minutes. Grease-free pocket liners can be replaced in minutes, while a new front skirt spring retainer makes it easier to replace the yoke shaft, the company says.

A maximum vertical load capacity rating of 80,000 pounds is made possible with a top plate that has been cast with a thicker top surface. The overall casting is also made from high-yield cast steel alloy.

Other enhancements include a more robust main kingpin throat structure with extra reinforcements around the kingpin contact area.

The locking mechanism’s cam plate has been enhanced for smoother operation and increased life, while an integrated automatic secondary lock eliminates the need for a manual handle for activations. A new integrated lockdown mode, meanwhile, activates as soon as the driver releases the trailer parking brakes. A double-acting air cylinder holds the lock closed until the trailer parking brakes are re-engaged and an in-cab release for the fifth wheel is activated.

The FW35TT is now available through all terminal tractor Original Equipment Manufacturers.



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