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The Eagle Smart Tarp – The System that Drivers Prefer

Posted: August 1, 2014

The System that Drivers Prefer – The Eagle Smart Tarp

The Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable Tarp system will save drivers time, money and hassle!
With this system in place, drivers will benefit from:

Fuel Savings

  • Aerodynamic – Our aerodynamic round cornered headboard saves approximately 5% of fuel costs over our competitor’s square cornered headboards.
  • The Eagle system’s tarp does not balloon out behind the headboard.
  • Lightweight – 1,800 lbs. on a 48 ft. flat deck

Employee Savings

  • Employees prefer the ease and cleanliness of tarping with the Eagle system. The elimination of heavy lifting allows employers to retain older drivers as well.
  • Experts predict a shortfall of 111,000 drivers by 2014. (Global Insights, Inc. 2005).

Cost Savings

  • The Eagle System costs less than $40 per week to own, and saves you more than $200 per week.
  • Money saved through reduced tarping time alone will pay for an Eagle system within 2 years . **

Time Savings

  • Reduced tarping time – Drivers can save 1 to 2 hours per day in tarping time




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