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The heat is on … this screen

Posted: August 23, 2018

Snap-on’s Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite uses infrared technology to reveal heat caused by friction, electrical resistance, pressure changes and more – helping to track down vehicle faults more quickly.

With 4,800 distinct temperature zones, the tool can show temperatures up to 840 Fahrenheit anywhere under the hood. Simply point it at any area to generate detailed images of an object’s heat signature.

The information can detect problems with everything from brakes to heated seats, misfires, HVAC issues, worn bearings or belts, emissions controls, and more.

The images can be blended, displayed in a split screen, shown picture in picture, and be recorded as a 20-second video. And the saved images can be used to create convincing repair orders, the company says.

Each image is automatically uploaded to the cloud through a new wi-fi sharing service.



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