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Thermo-King T-90 needs less fuel to cool

Posted: November 15, 2019

thermo-king T-90

The new Thermo King T-90 Series of truck transport refrigeration units (TRU) come with standard integrated TracKing telematics hardware to better connect fleets and cargo.

The T-90 will burn less fuel as the unit cools, reducing the required engine run time, the company adds. When compared to competitive units, the units promise to pull down temperatures 50% more quickly and using up to 48% less fuel while pulling down to a set point. The company says it will also offer up to 30% faster recovery time after door opening, and consume up to 35% less fuel throughout a full day of use.

At the heart of the unit is a reciprocating compressor, improved coil design, and optimized engine management to increase cooling capacity by up to 35%. The T-90 Max models feature larger coils and heat exchangers as well as an optimized compressor and sound-reduction kit.

Service intervals have been extended to 2,000 hours, and the optional SmartPower Electric Standby system will run on electric power when stationary.



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