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Thermo King units EPA-OK for next decade

Posted: August 1, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS, — Thermo King says its 2005 truck units with Tier 2 truck engines are assured EPA-compliance until 2016 and beyond.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring transport refrigeration unit manufacturers to begin using Tier 2 lower emission engines in truck units. Thermo King requested a brief extension on the EPA deadline so that it could introduce new truck reefer engines that would not only satisfy the EPA’s Tier 2 emission requirements, but also its 2008 Interim Tier 4 emission requirements. There have been no further EPA regulations for engines in this horsepower class beyond the Interim Tier 4 regulation.

“All diesel-powered truck units will transition to Tier 2 engines with installation beginning this fall at our Hastings, Nebraska plant,” said Tim Ryan, director, product management truck solutions, Americas. “These new engines also meet an outstanding Thermo King request for additional horsepower in the two-and three-cylinder package.


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