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ThermoKing power management tools

Posted: March 30, 2017

Thermo King has expanded its lineup of power management tools, now including a boost charger, auto-start module, and electric pallet jack charger.

The boost charger is specifically designed to ensure that liftgate batteries remain powered, and comes in 20- and 35-amp models. Its three-stage charging also helps to maximize battery life, the company says.

A new auto-start module, meanwhile, will automatically activate a Precedent Series alternator — mounted on the reefer –to begin its charging work if power levels drop too low. It features low-voltage protection for the auxiliary battery to keep liftgates lifting and lights shining.

Rounding out the package of tools is an electric pallet jack charger that offers 120-volt power inside trailers to support electric power jacks. It draws power from the liftgate battery pack, but also features low voltage protection to keep the liftgate operating, Thermo King says. It is installed in a fully-sealed assembly under the trailer. 


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