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Posted: August 1, 2014

Hankook Tire Canada has expanded its truck and bus fleet portfolio with the introduction of three new tires, the DH06, the AH15 (pictured), and the AH24. Designed with the company’s e3 (e-Cubed) technology, the tires focus on economy and are aimed at medium-haul applications.

The DH06 tire features ‘zig zag’ grooves and open shoulder to enhance traction, and its "optimized" block size is said to prevent irregular wear. Its unique tread design means to decrease stone retention

Designed for high-scrub applications and emphasizing endurance, durability and high mileage, the AH24 features a combination of straight and zigzag grooves that are said to provide better traction. Its closed shoulder rib promotes stability and, like its multi-sipes, even wear. The tire has a sidewall protector rib to resist cuts and abrasions from curbing and other impacts.

The multi-purpose AH15 is for mixed service and traction in many road conditions. Its multi-step groove shape ensures "excellent" traction, Hankook says, while its deeper grooves and wider tread extend tread life.

The DH06 and AH24 are available in 6 sizes, including 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 in both 14- and 16 ply-ratings. AH15 is available in 385/65R22.5 in 18 ply-rating.


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