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Posted: August 1, 2014

A retread drive tire that regenerates tread features as the tire wears has been introduced by Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT). The first self-regenerating retread, the Michelin XDA Hypersipe uses patented tread design and siping technology to mold tread features on both the top and bottom of a Pre-Cure tread band. Sipes molded into the bottom of the tread appear as the tire wears, giving improved worn traction – especially in the wet — over the life of the retread.

Other advantages claimed include more miles per retread as well as better fuel economy The bottom sipes appear at approximately half tread depth and will last literally down to the last usable 32/nd of tread, giving the
retreaded tire better traction at reduced tread depth and allowing the tire to be removed from service later in life.
The XDA Hypersipe is now commercially available in limited quantities in the 230mm tread width, and Michelin intends to add more sizes in the future.  


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