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Posted: August 1, 2014

One of the trucking industry’s best resources for truck maintenance, testing and specification information is now being made available on CD-ROM by the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking
Associations. TMC’s 2006-07 Recommended Practice Manual can now be purchased on CD-ROM in either single-user or multi-user versions.

The new set features both TMC’s Recommended Maintenance Practices Manual and Recommended Engineering Practices Manual. Together, the two-volume set features more than 2200 pages of technical information that represents the consensus and collective wisdom of Council members.

All TMC members will receive a copy of the single-user version of the RP Manual CD-ROM as a member benefit. Others can buy the single-user version (member US$200; non-member $267) or the multi-user version for use on multiple workstations (member US$2500; non-member $3333) by
calling 800-ATA-LINE or 703-838-1754. It can also be ordered on-line (see URL below). A traditional, hardcover print version is also available (member US$200; non-member $267).

The updated two-volume set includes more than 50 new or revised Recommended Practices adopted by TMC as of December 2005. Among them are RP 158, Wiring and Circuit Protection Guidelines for 12-Volt Cab and Sleeper Power Outlets; RP 209D, Tire and Rim Safety Procedures; and RP 238, Troubleshooting Disc Wheel Looseness.


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