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TMW, Navistar integrating parts orders

Posted: March 5, 2018

Ordering parts through Navistar dealers will be more seamless than ever, using a new integration module for TMT Fleet Maintenance software from TMW.

Traditionally, the orders would be sent by fax or email, but now there’s an e-commerce solution. The new module sends electronic purchase orders that are fulfilled by Navistar dealers.

That opens the opportunity for “significant” savings in parts prices, says Scott, Vanselous, executive vice-president at TMW Systems, noting that one fleet estimates it could save more than US $500,000 through the interactions.

The savings are based on volume discounts as well as discounts for being part of Navistar’s OnCommand Connection portal.

“It doesn’t change the process of how the Navistar customer interacts with their dealer. It’s all about the dealer collaboration, he adds.

Vanselous sees this as an example of increasing collaboration between fleets and OEMs overall – a contrast to the “hostile” relationships that existed five years ago.


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