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Tolls Mulled as Solution for Gardiner Expressway Costs

Posted: May 21, 2015

TORONTO — As the debate continues both inside and outside of Toronto about whether to tear down or rebuild the eastern end of the Gardiner Expressway a new plan has surfaced within the city’s government.

Some councillors have been discussing the idea of putting tolls along the route for non-Toronto residents, with the money going to pay for repairs and upkeep of the elevated roadway, according to published reports.

If such a plan is adopted, the city owned freeway, would either turned over the provincial government or Toronto would at least have to get permission from the Ontario government to implement tolls.

It’s estimated it will cost more than $900 million to rebuild Gardiner.

This comes as city officials are scheduled next month to vote on what do about Gardiner with Toronto Mayor John Tory pushing to rebuild the freeway with some modifications, known as the “hybrid approach.” 

Councillor James Pasternak argues that adding project costs to Toronto residents’ property taxes would be unfair though he said he supports the mayor’s position.

Such a plan to rebuild the route is also supported by the Gardiner Coalition, which includes the Ontario Trucking Association. They argue tearing down the elevated roadway would lead to more traffic congestion and increased delays for drivers of all stripes.

Read more about this plan to toll the Gardiner Expressway from The Globe and Mail or the Toronto Sun.

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