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Top 10 of 17 — Accuride ROLLiant Hub System

Posted: December 19, 2017 by John G. Smith

Bearing adjustment can present one of the biggest barriers to extending the life of a wheel end components. Overtightened bearings will fail prematurely, overheating and contaminating the lube. When bearings are too loose, seals dislodge and begin leaking oil or grease, contributing to tire wear. And preloads can’t be off by more than the width of a human hair.

Accuride answers this challenge with the new ROLLiant hub system that comes with a 10-year warranty for trailers and seven years for trucks.

An extended inner race ensures perfect endplay at the factory, while extended bearing cones, cups, and seals come installed. Just put on a spindle nut and the system is ready to go. Accuride even inspects each hub’s endplay, and attaches a unique serial number to ensure traceability should anything go wrong.

ROLLiant can be used with straight and tapered spindle hub designs.

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