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Top 10 of 17 — PeopleNet’s wireless backup camera

Posted: December 19, 2017 by John G. Smith

PeopleNet has unveiled a wireless trailer backup camera that automatically pairs with any PeopleNet Video Intelligence ­receiver in the cab. Since it’s powered by the Antilock Braking System, there’s no battery to charge.

Like some of the other choices this year, the camera should be seen as part of a broader system. Combined with forward and side-facing cameras, it offers 360 degrees of video data, and recordings are automatically triggered by an onboard event. So if a collision occurs, you know what happened to the rear.

The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has found that nearly 17% of fatal truck-car collisions in 2015 were caused by passenger vehicles rear-ending large trucks. Another 25 fatal truck-related collisions were caused by improperly starting or backing.

By improving the view, fleets should be able to better the results.

Other Top 10 picks for the year include:

Over the Air engine programming

Paccar’s 12-speed automated transmission 

Accuride ROLLiant Hub System 

SAF-Holland’s lighter AeroBeam suspension

Truck-Lite’s smart trailer system 

Meritor’s high-efficiency linehaul tandem drive axle

Thermo King power management tools

Bendix’s greener air dryer cartridge

FlowBelow’s removeable fairing


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