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TOP 10 of ’17 — Picks for the top products of the year

Posted: December 20, 2017 by John G. Smith

TORONTO, ON — An acquaintance of mine once quipped that he hates picking winners for different contests. Sure, you’ll make a friend, he said, but you’re still annoying plenty of people who didn’t make the cut.

So it is when picking the Top 10 products of the year.

Today’s Trucking’s annual look at the top in tech involves looking at hundreds of launches from throughout North America. Trucks themselves have been excluded, but everything else was fair game in my review of components and other offerings that have been improved, reinvented, and reimagined.

Over the Air engine programming

Paccar’s 12-speed automated transmission¬†

Accuride ROLLiant Hub System 

SAF-Holland’s lighter AeroBeam suspension

Truck-Lite’s smart trailer system¬†

Meritor’s high-efficiency linehaul tandem drive axle

Thermo King power management tools

Bendix’s greener air dryer cartridge

PeopleNet’s wireless backup camera

FlowBelow’s removeable fairing


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