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Toronto Cracking Down on Illegal Parking

Posted: September 25, 2015

TORONTO – If you can’t find a parking place in Hogtown and think you can just park anywhere, it will soon cost you dearly and you may get your vehicle towed as a result.

That’s because another ticket and tow truck blitz will soon begin in Toronto when it comes to illegally parked trucks and cars.

Mayor John Torry and Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders announced the crackdown on vehicles that bottle up traffic, especially during rush hour, beginning on Oct. 5, about nine months after the first effort in the city.

Since then, police have ticketed approximately 60,000 vehicles and actually towed 12,000, according to the Toronto Sun newspaper.

This latest effort will concentrate between Dufferin St. and the Don Valley Parkway and from Bloor St. south to Lake Shore Blvd.

“Bad habits start to seep back into the system and the bad actors are once again choosing to selfishly block lanes of traffic during rush hour for their own purposes,” Tory. “This is wrong, this is selfish, this is unacceptable and that people cannot simply violate the law at a time of their own choosing and inconvenience thousands of other people.”

The costs for getting back a towed vehicle isn’t cheap. Delivery trucks face fines of around $1,000 while four-wheelers are looking at least spending $200.

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