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Trailcon Opens Splashy New HQ in Brampton

Posted: June 15, 2015

BRAMPTON–Every day that he goes to the office, Alan Boughton, co-founder and president of Trailcon Leasing Inc., gets reminded of the only time he ever saw his late father Brian cry. That’s because on one of the main walls inside Trailcon’s splashy new 30,000-sq-ft head office in Brampton, there’s a cross-Canada mural and right in the middle a photo of an Avro Arrow ascending into the heavens.

“I’ll never forget February 20, 1959,” Boughton says. “My father was working on the Avro and that’s the day the project was cancelled.”

Whereas the Avro legacy is a dark blip on the Canadian transportation historical radar, Boughton’s new $22 million facility is the opposite. It’s a tribute to Trailcon’s 23 years of continual growth from the day Boughton and his co-founder Jim Wilson opened their doors to their first customers: Atripco, Domtar and Cavalier/Georbon.

The company now owns about 7,000 trailers and manages approximately 10,000 more for customers from coast to coast, just as the mural would indicate.

And on Friday, Boughton proudly toured scores of customers, colleagues, dignitaries and media around the 15-acre site, located, appropriately, on Spar-named for the aerospace company-Drive in Brampton.

The capacious and sunlit facility was designed by Pearce McCluskey architects, with plenty of input from Boughton and his staff.

And in his opening remarks to the assembly, Boughton cited inspiration from the man he called his mentor, George Hendrie, who said “you lose employees for two reasons; one reason they leave is for a lot more money; the other is they don’t like where they work.”

Not only does the building include a large lunchroom for staff, but Boughton ensured the driver facilities are above par.

He calls the driver area “The Robert Lounge,” named for Claude Robert of Robert Transport. Robert, despite running the fleet, regularly delivers loads and he had told Boughton that at some customers, drivers are not even allowed to use the washrooms. The message drivers were getting was,”You can deliver a million dollars worth of our product but you can’t use the washroom.”  

Bougthon vowed to give drivers at his new facility all the amenities they need. “They deserve respect because without them, nothing is moved.”

“The foundation of any growing business is a team of people with the ability and drive to take the company even further. Having set our sights on additional expansion across Canada, our new facility in Brampton, more than three times larger than our previous one, is custom built to maximize productivity and accommodate future growth,” said Boughton.


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