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Posted: August 1, 2014

SmartTruck, a new manufacturer of aerodynamic products, has launched its UT-6 trailer under-tray system and has already begun production. The company says it provides a fuel-efficiency gain of "at least 8.5% for the base model, with the full UT-6 trailer system delivering more than 11% gains in fuel efficiency, according to test results."

The UT-6 system starts with a base model, with additional components and options available to further enhance performance of the system. It’s on the verified aerodynamic technologies list in the EPA SmartWay program.

The system is made of polyethylene plastic, a 100% recyclable material that’s claimed to be "proven to stand up to the abuse of the road, chemicals and weather."

Installation of the system on existing trailers is straightforward, the company says. It’s bolted to the trailer using weather-resistant, galvanized hardware and fasteners. No special tools or equipment are needed, and the job is said to take as little as three hours.


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