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Posted: August 1, 2014

Meritor WABCO, a joint venture between ArvinMeritor and WABCO Vehicle Control Systems, has extended its PAN air disc brake family in North America. The PAN 22 is said to be the first advanced single-piston air disc brake designed for commercial trailers with 22.5-in. wheels and axles rated to 22,000 lb.

Currently available as a trailer OEM option, the air disc brake family will also be offered for tractors, trucks and buses.

At 79 lb including pads, the PAN 22 is said to weigh less than any other air disc brake in its class. It delivers serious braking torque — up to 24,000 Nm, which is  17,701 lb ft in real terms. It has larger, thicker pads than competitive designs, sys Meritor WABCO, which should result in longer pad-replacement intervals. A brake pad wear indicator is optional.

The new brake incorporates the same single-piston clamping unit design used in the joint venture’s PAN 17 and PAN 19 air disc brakes. With just 18 parts, the single-piston clamping unit helps reduce weight and complexity and allows for a compact design that easily adapts to axles, wheels and suspensions. It compensates for taper wear and enables optimal pad-wear utilization. The encapsulated guiding system with metal protective covers aims to enhance reliability and durability.

“This new brake family further closes the cost-gap between air disc brakes and drum brakes,” says Jon Morrison, president and general manager of Meritor WABCO.


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