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Posted: August 1, 2014

Carrier Transicold says its new AeroFlex trailer skirts have demonstrated up to a 7.5% improvement in fuel economy for tractor-trailer rigs. The fairings were tested independently and verified against the SAE/TMC J1321 Type II test procedure, according to the manufacturer. A verified EPA SmartWay technology, fairings are now required on many trailers operated in California.

Available for standard as well as refrigerated trailers, patent-pending AeroFlex
fairings are made of impact-resistant, flexible TPO (thermoplastic olefin) plastic. The flexibility of the material, coupled with a 180-degree top hinge, allows the low-clearance fairings to flex and withstand both side and bottom impacts, Carrier says. They have a three-year limited warranty.

Weighing 160 lb, AeroFlex fairings can be installed in a 5-degree angled configuration. This “wedge” configuration more efficiently diverts airflow along
the side of the trailer, away from drag-inducing rear wheels, axle components and crossmembers. Designed for ease of installation, Carrier claims, the fairings can easily be modified to accommodate under-trailer fuel tanks in refrigerated trailer installations.

Click here for to see a video demonstrating AeroFlex Fairings.


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