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Posted: August 1, 2014

Aerofficient fairing for intermodal chassis

Aerofficient has announced two new product lines, fairings for intermodal container chassis and a lower-cost line of fairings for dry van and refrigerated trailers.

Working with one of North America’s largest railroads, Aerofficient says it created its new chassis fairings to withstand the rigors of intermodal transfer yard operations. A patent-pending design feature of the new fairing allows it to withstand damage when a container is being loaded onto a chassis. The top of the fairing will flex and bend to absorb the shock of an imperfect loading operation.

The new line of fairings for dry van and refrigerated trailers is called ‘Aerofficient Basic’. They feature the same geometry, panels and attachment clamps as the company’s hinged line but don’t have the hinge. They’ll have the ability to bend inward and outward to negotiate obstacles as high as 18 in. and will not warp in the sun or crack in the cold, the company says. They’re claimed to shed snow and ice naturally, weigh just 97 lb per side in standard installations, and are offered in multiple configurations.

Fleets with less experienced drivers, steep loading docks, and unpredictable or extreme conditions will be encouraged to use the original hinged design, but both lines are said to generate the same fuel savings.


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