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Posted: August 1, 2014

Utility Trailer Manufacturing has introduced new manufacturing enhancements to its USS-120A aerodynamic side skirt. Launched last August, it’s EPA SmartWay verified as an “Advanced Side Skirt”.

Two design changes were made: the skirt now includes a spring attachment added to the front of the side skirts and the bottom of the skirt has been redesigned.

The USS-120A is now securely bolted by a spring attachment to the support-leg wingplate. The reinforcement, says Utility, will allow enough of the forward edge of the skirt material to engage the slip joint “seamlessly”.

To further enhance durability, Utility’s galvanized high-tensile-steel braces that connect to the side skirt’s crossmembers have been vertically moved up by 5.75 in’. This change will provide more material below the brace, the company says, which will allow the side skirt to bend and flex more freely on impact.


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