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Trailer Tracking

Posted: August 1, 2014

PeopleNet has introduced what it calls “the least expensive” approach to reducing the cost of lost trailers while needing no additional trailer hardware.

Its Tethered Trailer Tracking tool uses the existing power line communication (PLC) cable for exchanging data between the trailer’s anti-lock brake system and the PeopleNet system through the Multi-Bus Adapter with a PLC chip. This configuration provides cost-effective trailer tracking, the company says, eliminating manual yard checks, managing trailer detention, and improving utilization information for more efficient maintenance. Said to be easy to use, there’s also a significant saving in time-consuming installation and labor costs.

Once connected to the tractor, the trailer’s unique serial number is sent to the PeopleNet system, which in turn creates location-based hook and drop events for the trailer. Event information is stored, including the date, time, location, vehicle and trailer odometer reading. Odometer readings, in particular, provide a history that enables accurate usage-based maintenance.


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