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Tramec Sloan integrates filter in gladhands

Posted: January 31, 2019

Tramec Sloan has introduced a new gladhand that will help take care of your air.

Integrated Filter Gladhands, as the name implies, incorporate a serviceable inline filter in their bodies to keep debris out of the air system. No separate line filters, fittings, or mounting hardware are required.

When vehicles are uncoupled, color-coded swivel covers swing over the seal to further protect the air system.

Quarterly maintenance activities can be completed with nothing more than a 3/8-inch hex key to replace the filter and O-ring that are available in a service kit

The anodized body itself helps to resist corrosion along with stainless steel clamps and wear plates.

The gladhands are available in 38-degree and straight styles, as well as 45- and 90-degree swivel-mounted versions.




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