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Transflo tracking trailers with new TT600

Posted: August 26, 2019

Transflo Trailer Tracking TT600The new Transflo Trailer Tracking device will integrate into the Transflo Mobile+ platform, tracking trailers, containers and other assets by GPS – offering insights into utilization, dwell time, and motion.

The compact TT600-series telematics device produced by Flex has a solar cell, and the back-up battery lasts up to four months without a solar charge.

It’s all built on a 4G Cat-M/NB-IoT LTE chipset with 2G backup for always-on two-way cellular communications. The end result produces one GPS fix per minute when a unit is moving, while an optional RS232/CAN connector allows advanced data capture from trailer sensors, including vehicle health and status, theft and tampering alerts, and remote reefer control and monitoring.

The 10.3×3.5×1.2-inch device attaches with four rivets, screws or bolts.



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