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Translucent trailer roof panels

Posted: July 25, 2017

US Liner Company’s new BXR Series T-Roof panels are being introduced with the promise of making van trailers shine.

Earlier translucent roof materials were fragile, could puncture and tear, and became brittle in the face of UV rays, the company says. But the BXR Series panels are said to offer five times the tear resistance of competing products.

The added strength comes with a five-layer design using Versitex and Bulitex materials and glass fibers to reinforce everything. A “super-bright” white surface deflects radiant heat, and the panels block UV rays to limit cracking and crazing caused by sun and other environmental issues. The end result is said to resist water, rot, corrosion, and mildew as well. 

The panels can be installed to standard roof bows using traditional adhesives. They can even be repaired in the field using a standard heat gun, rather than requiring the chemicals needed when working with fiberglass panels.


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