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Traxon Synthetic extends drains

Posted: January 30, 2018

Petro-Canada Lubricants’ Traxon line of gear oil has expanded to include Traxon Synthetic MTF 75W-80 – a manual transmission fluid that can offer extended drains up to 400,000 kilometers, deliver all-weather support, and reduce maintenance costs in the process.

The product is recommended for Class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles and has been fully approved for Volvo and Mack to be used in their respective I-Shift and mDrive Automated Manual Transmissions.

It’s intended for manual gear boxes of the G7/8, S, SR, SPO, AT and VT series from Volvo GTT up to a 400,000-kilometer drain interval, and is also suitable for many ZF transmissions including those fitted with ZF-Intarders (models include ASTronic, TCTronic, Ecolite, Ecomid and Ecospilt as well as other OEMs).

The gear oil maintained exceptional in-grade shear stability after a 20-hour test, falling well within Volvo’s maximum limit, and also outperformed Volvo’s viscosity increase limits after a demanding 192-hour oxidation test, the company says.

It’s been formulated to limit drag losses and reduce fuel consumption when compared to conventional manual transmission fluid and API GL-4 axle SAE 80W-90 / 75W-90 oils or higher viscosity grades. So, too, is it meant to offer the oxidation stability needed to resist deposits and sludge that can affect shifting.


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