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TruckPro expands Cdn warranty to include US repair centres

Posted: June 10, 2016 by Today's Trucking Staff

TruckProLONGUEUIL, QC – TruckPro recently announced the extension of its warranty program to allow Canadian drivers to use the company’s service centres in the U.S. through NAPA heavy vehicle service centers.

TruckPro customers now have access to a repair network of more than 1,100 locations across North America. 

“Any customer who requires repair work under warranty and who cannot return to his original TruckPro service center (i.e. the service center that completed the original repair) will be able to visit another TruckPro service center, or any participating NAPA heavy vehicle service center in the US, to have warranted repairs performed,” the company announced.

The TruckPro warranty program, first launched in 2004, covers parts and labour for medium and heavy roadway trucks class 8 or less, with a minimum loading capacity of 1.5 tonnes, for 12 months of unlimited mileage. 

TruckPro service centre locations can be found here for Canada or United-States or by phone at the TruckPro Warranty Centre 1-866-706-7770.

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