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Unique Trailer Suspension

Posted: April 12, 2016

Ingersoll Axles has launched what it calls North America’s first and only fully integrated ‘Yoke Mount’ trailer suspension. It’s up to three times stronger than leading competitors and fits all disc-brake sizes, the company says.

The disc brake version uses the standard trailer frame and fully protects air chambers via full ground clearance. Capacity is 25,000 lb.

It’s for use in lowboy and drop deck trailers, plus auto haulers and other specialty applications, with available ride heights from 6.5 to 9 in. (12-in. max).

With no U-bolts, you get a fully wrapped axle connection that uses off-the-shelf components like air springs, shocks, and pivot connection.

The suspension is for applications with 17.5-, 19.5-, and 22.5-in. wheel sizes. It’s compatible with 12.25- and 16.5-in. drum brakes. Disc brake options include the  Haldex DB22LT, Bendix ADB22X, and the WABCO PAN22, PAN19.5, and PAN17.5.

With drums the Yoke Mount suspension weighs 396 lb, 408 lb with air discs.


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