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Updates to TMW.Suite Fuel Dispatch

Posted: August 15, 2017

TMW.Suite Fuel Dispatch, used by fuel delivery carriers and oilfield companies, now comes with three new features to streamline planning and dispatch operations.

The module can now simultaneously perform multiple commodity product code changes, giving users the ability to select one or more sites and update corresponding codes, and automatically updates existing orders for each site. Such mass updates are helpful in regions where fuel formulations change by season, TMW says.

An interactive reforecasting feature, meanwhile, allows dispatchers to assess the overall effect on projected deliveries if a current available order is changed. This can be used to adjust for special market conditions or situations that require a change to one or more loads. The current-state and re-forecasted orders are shown on a new order grid in the software’s Dispatch Dashboard and Call On Demand Order Entry screen.

The company’s Reveal Series analytic tools have also been expanded to build solutions that isolate abnormal rack and delivery point dwell times; analyze driver and asset performance; develop time-based metrics to reduce delivery delays during peak traffic or busy seasons; and establish trip standards by time of day, week, month, or season. A “data warehouse” aggregates all orders, stops, commodities, quantities, stop date times, freight volumes and other information for fuel delivery and oilfield gathering operations.


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