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Upgraded reman brake shoes from Bendix

Posted: January 30, 2018

Bendix Reman Brakes on the production line.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has a remanufactured brake shoe that offers the same friction and e-coating spec’d on its Original Equipment products. It even comes with an extended, five-year warranty against rust jacking.

Rust jacking occurs when rust builds up on the steel under the brake lining, pushing the friction material upward until it cracks. The threat is biggest in the face of road salt or other de-icing compounds like magnesium chloride or calcium chloride.

Bendix also coins all of its reman shoes to return them to the Original Equipment geometry, compared to other options that are simply relined rather than remanufactured. The coining process, the company notes, removes the gap between the shoe and friction material, where the rust jacking can begin.



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