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Upgraded trailer scale features

Posted: May 2, 2017

Air-Weigh’s next generation of LoadMaxx Trailer Scale combines features of the previous LoadMaxx and Quickload models into a single scale with two options — the LoadMaxx base model, and LoadMaxx with ComLink.

Continuing features include an icon-based touch screen display; built-in LED alarm lights; dual-point calibration and high precision pressure sensor for weight accuracy; compensation for temperature and altitude change; PIN protected calibration; and English, Spanish and French language options.

The ComLink option includes an in-cab display to view steer, drive and trailer weights, Gross Vehicle Weights, and net payloads. The data can also be sent to fleet management software. When used with the Bluetooth-compatible LoadMaxx Tractor Scale, data is also available on any Smartphone or tablet through a related app.

Up to four manual calibrations are available to support multi-axle configurations.


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