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Posted: October 30, 2014

Clean Burn Model CB-140 furnace

The Clean Burn Model CB-140 is the smallest and most economical of the company’s used-oil furnaces in terms of initial cost. It produces approximately 140,000 BTU/hour and is ideal for small garages, repair shops and workspaces.

The CB-140 has many unique design components, the manufacturer says. It is engineered from the ground up to burn all types of waste oil; it has a multi-pass heat exchanger which allows the furnace to generate more heat; the flue tubes are swaged, not welded, for longer service life; the patented burner and front door swing out independently from each other to make service easy; the axial fan allows for versatility of placement for the unit and can be installed in lower ceiling areas. Every CB-140 includes a robust metering pump which automatically regulates itself no matter the viscosity of the oil so you don’t have to make fuel adjustments, louvers, a stainless steel mesh canister filter, check valve and screen, wall thermostat, and barometric damper.

Clean Burn products are supported by De-on Supply, authorized distributors.


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