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Posted: August 1, 2014

Utility Trailer says its new thin-wall 4000D-X dry van features patented side-wall engineering that raises the standards in the thin-wall segment.

The patented design was engineered to compete squarely in the thin-wall segment by forging an aluminum exterior skin with 80K steel interior panels separated by a foam core material. The 4000D-X ‘101’ version provides a full 101.25 in. of inside width from lining to lining and 101 in. from wearband to wearband with 4085 cu ft of productivity. The ‘100’ version has deeper side posts with increased stiffness for bulge loads. Pre-painted white galvanized, high-strength interior lining panels provide a ‘Snag Free’
surface and a full 100 in. of inside width from wearband to wearband.

The thin-wall segment is comprised of dry vans that increase the inside width within the same exterior dimensions. Thin-wall models accounted for approximately 45% of Utility’s dry van production in 2005, compared to
about 5% in 2001, the company says.

“Our design features convenient conventional sidewall reparability, aluminum exterior skin for low tare weight, and unique wall impact-absorbing design,” says Craig Bennett, senior vice president sales and marketing.


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