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Valvoline Premium Blue three oils in one

Posted: March 7, 2018

Valvoline’s latest engine oil comes in a single bottle, but it’s designed to meet the needs of engines burning any one of three fuels – natural gas, diesel, or gasoline.

Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution 9200, developed with Cummins Westport, meets CK-4 standards for diesel and SN standards for gasoline, and also addresses the demands of natural gas. It’s available as a 10W-30 and 15W-40.

Such formulas were difficult to offer in the past because of higher soot loads in diesel engines, says technical director Roger England. While those were addressed, high idle times can also generate unwanted water — and that contaminant is also familiar to those with natural gas engines.

“Now we’ve got a diesel regime where we have very low soot and very high water, and it’s not a real stretch to move that on into the natural gas regime,” he said. “It’s just way-mac-daddy-heavier-duty than anything you put in a gas engine, but it works great.”

It’s been subjected to 3.5 million km of testing, too.

The formula will be priced close to natural gas engine oil, but Valvoline says the extended drain intervals possible in diesel engines will improve the total cost of ownership for that. There isn’t any worry about misapplications, either.




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