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Posted: August 1, 2014

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake offers a new automatic slack adjuster that will feature what’s claimed to be industry-leading durability along with an extended warranty. Production on the new Versajust brake adjuster begins in the third quarter. Bendix says it will ease upgrades and replacement of all link-style adjusters including the Bendix ASA-5 model.

The company says it preserved the best elements of the ASA-5, while engineering new features to make it better still. Features retained include the infinite adjustment rate, which makes this slack adjuster less sensitive to varying temperatures and duty cycles than comparable designs. The design features industry-standard clevis pin dimensions, making it easy to install as a replacement part.

The Versajust’s design eliminates the need for templates, special brackets, attachments, or tools, says Bendix. Advanced sealing technologies mean increased corrosion resistance and make it better suited to severe environments and duty cycles. Replacing competitive slack adjusters with the Versajust model will be simple, Bendix claims, as technicians can use welded yokes or competitive link-style yokes already installed on air chambers with 1.3-inch pin-to-pin dimensions. The new design also optimizes an adjustment rate for modern friction material and foundation brake designs.


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