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Video: Exploring the electrified Model 579

Posted: July 18, 2018

SUNNYVALE, Calif – Peterbilt has been working on electrified vehicles for decades. There was a series electric hybrid tractor unveiled in 1998, followed in later years by parallel-electric hybrids, and a parallel-hydraulic hybrid. When the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (WAVE) concept vehicle was unveiled, it features a range-extended series hybrid powertrain.

But electrification is clearly at the top of mind these days.

“You rarely go into a customer meeting that it’s not discussed,” says Peterbilt general manager Jason Skoog.

Current prototypes developed with support from TransPower include battery-electric Model 579 drayage trucks and Model 520 refuse vehicles. A medium-duty electrified Model 220 is also in the works.

In this video, TransPower integration and service manager Matt Vito discusses the workings of the Model 579 in further detail.

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