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Virtual reality system for driver training

Posted: November 26, 2018

iMVR is bringing a layer of virtual reality to the real world of driver training.

Not to be confused with a full-scale driving simulator, the training system and its virtual reality headset immerse users into an animated driving environment in which eye movements can be tracked. Once a simulation is completed, it’s possible to see where someone was looking at specific points in time. The virtual truck’s movements can also be played back and reviewed from six different vantage points.

If a weakness is identified, such as a driver who is not looking far enough up a road, the system’s artificial intelligence will introduce similar scenarios to further analyze a driver’s focus.

Using a subscription to the service, the equipment can access virtual settings include a fleet yard with loading docks, scale and fuel bar; a mall parking lot; highway; urban environment; and mountainous road. A module on impaired driving is to follow, iMVR adds.

The headset itself is wired into a kit that includes a foot pedal, steering wheel, and laptop computer – all of which is stored in a duffel bag and backpack. It also comes with a two-year warranty that covers any hardware upgrades necessitated by changing technology.



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