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Wabco remans trailer ABS, steering gears

Posted: January 31, 2019

Wabco has introduced remanufactured versions of its Easy-Stop trailer ABS systems, as well as steering gears.

The ABS is available in one- and two-modulator configurations with the options that will help keep wheels from locking up, and avoiding excessive tire wear and flat-spotting.

The remanufactured Sheppard steering gears emerge following Wabco’s 2017 acquisition of RH Sheppard. It now offers nearly 400 genuine Sheppard remanufactured steering gears that are guaranteed to look and perform like new, the company says. Each unit must pass a 17-point inspection before being approved for the market.

The remanufactured steering gears are covered by the same warranty as Sheppard OEM-service new replacement gears.



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