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Watch what happens when 3 Bison men drive distracted

Posted: July 7, 2017

WINNIPEG-Bison Transport employees Mike Theissen, Navdeep Sandhu and Roberto Monaco are not only professional drivers, they’re good sports. They’re also the stars of a brand new blog just posted by Bison’s Corporate Marketing Manager Lionel Johnston, titled “So, you think you can drive distracted?”

Bison produced this very watchable 10.5-min. blog in which those three drivers-Theissen with 20 years and more than two million safe miles under his buckle; Sandhu  a new driver who just completed year two of the company’s finishing program and Monaco, a driver instructor-offer themselves up as sort of  crash-text drivers.

The results are entertaining but also offer stark evidence of just how dangerous answering a text or, say, reaching for a bag of potato chips can be. 

See for yourself.

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