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Posted: August 1, 2014

A web-based heavy-duty vehicle service and repair information database,, is offered by Mitchell 1, the veteran provider of technical information. The company says it’s the trucking industry’s first complete service and repair information source for all heavy-duty tractors, dry vans, and reefers dating back to 1990. It was designed for technicians by technicians.

Updated monthly, will require no software installation and comes complete with tractor, trailer and reefer service and repair information, including sub-circuit color wiring diagrams for over 1100 class 7 & 8 tractors, 1800 trailers, and 200 reefers.

Content will include service and repair information for, among others: automatic, manual, and automated manual transmissions; single and tandem axles; air and ABS brakes; and spring and air suspensions. There are more than 6000 color wiring diagrams, 100,000 graphic illustrations, and 3000 unique year/make/model configurations

To write the database, Mitchell 1 employed a staff of 45 ASE-certified technicians, 23 of which are Truck Certified, with 13 being Master Truck Certified.


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