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Posted: August 1, 2014

Webasto has combined its Air Top 2000 forced-air heater and BlueCool Truck air conditioner as a complete HVAC system. The new ‘C5 Truck’ package allows users to cool and heat sleepers without depending on power from an idling diesel

The cooling component, BlueCool Truck, is charged (frozen) during the day while the truck is running. At night, the patent-pending cold-storage unit provides a source of cool, dehumidified air with no further use of a powered AC device. It uses only small amounts of electricity from the vehicle batteries. Pushed by four small, quiet fans, the cold air will cool the bunk for eight to 10 hours in most
ambient conditions.

The other component, Air Top 2000, is a forced-air heater that uses diesel fuel from the vehicle’s tank to warm the interior. It uses 1/20th of a gallon of fuel per hour, much less than an idling engine, while emitting far fewer emissions. With an output of 7000 Btu/h, this compact heater can be operated via an optional timer or manual control. Both Air Top 2000 and BlueCool Truck are EPA-recognized anti-idling devices.


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