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WEBB warms up your tank

Posted: August 1, 2014

Webb says its new Hot STK In-Tank/Standpipe Fuel Heater delivers warm fuel directly from the fuel tank for fast start-ups in cold weather operations. Dual-action heating radiates heat into the tank and heats the fuel again as it’s drawn up through the standpipe producing a 32-degrees F temperature rise for optimum efficiency in extreme conditions.. Backed by a 3-year warranty.

The WEBB Hot STK unit, which is backed by a three-year warranty, is available in standard lengths from 8-inches to 29-inches or can be ordered in any specified length. A 360-degree rotating head provides for easy mounting in existing sender holes. The WEBB Hot STK is also available with an optional integrated automatic coolant valve which activates to shut off flow of heated engine coolant when the fuel temperature reaches 80 degrees F. An optional integrated fuel level sender can also be added for a total on board fuel management system.

Meanwhile, the company has also introduced a new 12-page, full color brochure, Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Trucks, which details Webb’s newly expanded product line.


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