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WeBoost amplifies cell signal strength

Posted: June 17, 2019

Wilson ElectronicsweBoost Drive Reach Fleet boosts cell phone signals in fleet vehicles, boasting the maximum gains allowed under Industry Canada standards.

Compared to previous models, it can boost signal strengths when vehicles are more than two times further away from cell towers when compared to previous models.

The antenna reaches out to a cell tower to receive a signal, and then transmits this signal to a booster. The booster then amplifies each of the supported frequency bands through the vehicle with the help of low-noise amplifiers and filters.

The end result is a stronger connection and a faster data rate, the company says, nothing that it makes it possible for fleet managers to track vehicles more effectively in areas with weak signals.

It’s compatible with all mobile phones and wireless carriers in North America.

The booster can be attached to a vehicle’s carpet using Velcro strips, although units can be fastened to side walls as well. Each comes with a cellular amplifier, mini magnetic antenna, mounting plate, SMB connectors, and a power supply including an extra port with rapid charging capabilities.



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