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Western Products v-plow for Class 4-6

Posted: March 8, 2019

Western Products’ new 10’6” Heavy-Duty MVP 3 v-plow lineup has been unveiled for Class 4-6 vehicles in heavy-duty applications.

It comes with 45-inch-tall flared wings to accommodate the wider plow and increase the ability to move larger amounts of snow.

The design incorporates a T-frame that uses a solid, one-piece construction including integrated blade angle stops and an oscillating pivot bar. Other enhancements include a thick moldboard, robust base angle, eight vertical ribs, and the torsional strength and rigidity made possible with what’s known as the Western Power Bar.

A trip-edge design protects equipment from hidden obstacles whether in a v-mode, scoop, or blade configuration, Western Products says. There’s also a steel gap cover and UltraLock double-acting cylinders. Curb guards come standard.



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