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Western Star Gets Aero

Posted: January 24, 2017 by Jim Park

LAS VEGAS- In a marked departure from its traditional market, Western Star is introducing a new aerodynamic on-highway truck, the 5700 XE.

In the past, Western Star has been associated with rugged logging and non-highway work. The labels “fuel efficient” and “aerodynamic” were simply not applicable in describing the 47-year-old brand, which is now a division of Daimler.

But on Thursday, Western Star brass unveiled an over-the-road rig that incorporates the classic styling of western star with the very latest engine, drive-train, in-cab and aerodynamic technology; the finest that the engineers in the Daimler Labs have come up with.

The company will begin taking orders for the new truck now and the first 5700XEs -a handsome premium product with a steel cab and strong angular lines – will hit the streets early next year.

The Western Star 5700XE daycab.


“XE, which stands for extreme efficiency, summarizes what this truck is all about. And everything about Western Star is extreme,” Western Star’s General Manager Michael Jackson told journalists gathered at the unveiling.


“We have built a powerful solution that is the best of both worlds.”


The truck is aimed at a very specific couple of audiences: Owner-operators who want a premium vehicle, small fleets that want a distinctive look for their iron, own-operators who are looking for the final truck of a career and some larger fleets, many of which purchase “reward trucks” that are given to their best drivers in recognition for excellent work.


The 5700XE features a 126-in. BBC with a set back axle and is available in a variety of sleeper combinations.

So what makes it stand out? Here are some of Western Star’s favorite traits:

• A new sweptback four-piece bumper with an under-bumper valance that contributes to aerodynamic efficiency;

• New halogen headlights that are optimized for aerodynamic performance and excellent visibility;

• A state-of-the-art visor specifically engineered to work with the impressive slope in the hood’s rear air ramp to direct airflow over the cab without an aerodynamic penalty;

• Roof and cab fairings that sweep back for tighter trailer gap and help direct air flow over and around the trailer;

• Optional chassis side fairings that reduce drag by up to six percent while still providing easy access to batteries and DEF tank;

• The Western Star Twin Force dual air intake, which feeds a massive centrally mounted air filter to improve efficiency;

Western Star unveiled their new, aerodynamic on-highway truck, the 5700XE in Las Vegas.

THE 5700 can be spec’d with the Detroit DD15, DD16, or DD13 and comes standard with the Detroit DT12 automated transmission.

An option is, of course, the Daimler Intelligent Powertrain Management system, with Detroit axles with specific configurations and gearing programmed to achieve optimum fuel efficiency.

“Our Daimler Trucks North America internal testing indicates that the 5700XE is competitive with the fuel-efficiency results of the leading truck model on the road,” Western Star Marketing Director Ann Demitruk said at the launch.
Western Star was originally built in Kelowna, B.C., as a division of White Trucks.

Daimler, which also owns Freightliner, purchased the company in 2000.

Proportionately, Daimler still sells more Western Stars in Canada than in the United States but the company is hoping to change that with the appearance of this highway version.

For a more thorough report on the new Western Star, don’t miss the October issue of Today’s Trucking magazine.


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