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Posted: August 1, 2014

Western Star offers a new 34-in. Stratosphere to its sleeper product line, and has updated the interior for all of its truck models, including the recently introduced 4700 model. The enhanced interior features customizable compartments and shelving, and brighter color options.

Available on the 4800 and 4900 models, the new sleeper option allows vocational and short-haul drivers flexibility to meet hours-of-service regulations without requiring a larger sleeper.

The new 34-in. bunk combines additional headroom and greater storage space with the look and feel of a day cab, plus the specially contoured roof fairing improves cab-to-trailer gap while reducing the chance of contact with a refrigeration unit.

The new sleeper is now available to order for 4800 and 4900 truck models. 

Western Star’s new interior includes a new door design giving it particularly roomy door panels for log books and maps and maximized storage space with larger cabinets and moveable sleeper shelving. Easy to clean vinyl roof panels have also been included in all interior option levels. An electronic interface prep package with factory-installed mounting and power connections enables customers to choose their own applications such as navigation systems and Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.

The enhanced interior will be available in all Western Star trucks later this year.


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