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Posted: August 1, 2014

Kenworth‘s T800, 25 years old this year, now offers the optional Bendix Wingman ACB (Active Cruise with Braking) as a factory-order option. The system is also offered on T660 and T700 models.
Using a radar sensor mounted to the vehicle’s front, Wingman ACB helps provide impact, following-distance, and stationary-object alerts They’re always available, whether or not cruise control is engaged.

When turned on, the system will also actively intervene to help the driver maintain a set following distance behind a forward vehicle by reducing throttle, engaging the engine retarder or, if necessary, applying the foundation brakes. The driver maintains control and can add additional braking or steering inputs to help avoid or minimize a collision situation.
The Wingman ACB system offers audible and visual stationary-object alerts to the driver as the vehicle nears a stationary object like a car, a steel drum, or some other metallic obstruction blocking the lane, though it won’t automatically decelerate the truck on approach. The alerts work in rain, snow, smoke, fog, or at night. They give the driver up to three seconds warning before a potential impact.


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