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Posted: August 1, 2014

MCL wireless mobile column lift

MAHA USA has introduced its new and redesigned MCL family of ball-screw-powered mobile column lifts. They’re said to be the first of their kind, the only non-hydraulic wireless mobile column lifts in the industry. They expand the variety of tire profiles and vehicles that can now be served by wireless mobile lifts.

The MCL 12 and MCL 15 lifts are completely new while the MCL 16 and MCL 18 have been “significantly” redesigned. All of them aim to speed maintenance work by providing a more open and accessible work space.

All base frames for the MCL lifts have been redesigned, and each base frame now features a lower profile and longer leg structure that increases the columns’ stability, allowing them to engage low clearance vehicles, such as city buses, more effectively.

The main support column of each lift is formed from a solid, one-piece, hot-rolled I-beam, giving it rigidity and stability while reducing load and stress on interior structural welds.

These ball-screw column lifts are said to be up to 30% lighter than comparable hydraulic lifts that require heavy hydraulic fluid, cylinders, hoses, valves, and pumps. Unlike hydraulic lifting equipment, the company claims, ball-screw lifting mechanisms lift at a constant speed, are impervious to cold weather, and are environmentally friendly.

The MCL 12 can lift 12,000 lb per column, while the new MCL 15 holds 15,000 lb per column and features a 20-in. fork length and an extended base. The longer fork allows the devices to lift dual-tire assemblies while completely engaging the surface of both tires.

To view a short video go here.


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